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Goings On

There’s just, you know, a lot of stuff happening these days. Hence the distinct lack of regular blogging.

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Lists, Lawns, Cleaning

I’ve been trying very diligently to only become the “fun” part of being an adult. Unfortunately all the boring crap is seeping in and annoyingly, I kind of enjoy some of it, which totally sucks, you know?

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My New DSLR Sucks

I’ve come to know plenty of folks who’ve purchased DSLR cameras and been unhappy with the shots they’re getting. Here are some basics which can help dramatically.

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Ah, jeepers. Here we go.

September has been uncharacteristically busy with a lot of things changing in life. Some good, some sad. Definitely a change in the direction of the future, though.


Less and Fewer

I turn my back for five minutes and my wife writes a blog that makes the rest of my blogs look boring and disjointed. Or maybe she’s classing up the joint. Either way, she’s got a point about minimalism.