The Point Things Change

I Identified the Enemy Here

Some hypotheses about why people start being boring and such.

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Anniversaries Are Weird

1970's Naomi

Basically this is a post where I brag about Naomi. And talk about Mars. And Judas Iscariot. And Adult Swim.

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A Museum: Part 1

Kansas Aviation Museum

Revisiting memories from childhood often finds a way to be disappointing. Sometimes, though, it turns out to be even more fun because people aren’t telling you to stay close to them and not touch stuff. Being an adult is awesome.

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Big Sportsball Event Party

Giant Soccer Again

I like to get out of my comfort zone and prove, from time to time, that I’m capable of participating in sports without wheezing to death. Usually I show up to the events dressed for the occasion, then take photos for a while. This was almost no exception, but I learned a valuable new strategy to sports with.

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Hail Storm Broken Glass

Storms bring on bouts of worry for me, for others life in general is inundated with worry and personally I believe this is ultimately unhealthy and, to some degree, avoidable.

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Finish What I Started

Final Fantasy X End Screen

Naomi says I’m good at starting things, rather than hitting me with the brutal truth that I’m awful at finishing things.

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The Great Email Adventure

Teddy Bear

I hath not slain the IMAP dragon, but my resolve is not yet dwindled. Victory shall be mine.

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