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Going to Nebraska used to be scary. It’s not scary now, but it’s become difficult in other ways. Namely because of toddlers.

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A Commie Christmas

Family time is like cocaine, I think. Once you’ve started you’re always chasing the high but it’s never quite what you thought it was and somehow you end up actually ruining your family the more you do it.

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Some minor thoughts about my convictions as they’ve evolved through three decades of aliveness.

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Naomi told me we were going to see Christmas lights with my family and instead she gave me a sick birthday present and let a bunch of vagrants into my house.

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Goings On

There’s just, you know, a lot of stuff happening these days. Hence the distinct lack of regular blogging.

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Lists, Lawns, Cleaning

I’ve been trying very diligently to only become the “fun” part of being an adult. Unfortunately all the boring crap is seeping in and annoyingly, I kind of enjoy some of it, which totally sucks, you know?