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The face of a stinking liar. 2

I Lied To Someone

Have you ever, straight-faced, lied to someone? I have, and I’m not proud of it.

This is how I picture 90% of raising boys. 1

Oh Boy

I was nervous about finding we’re having a boy, but I realized that I had just grown comfortable with what I knew and I should probably embrace spontaneity.

Flight Facilities - Down To Earth 0

Flight Facilities – Down To Earth

Flight Facilities dropped a new album last year that basically blew my mind. Its funky, weird, awesome, but most of all…accessible and memorable. Listen to it.

Toad 1


Losing a pet is a difficult thing, especially when that pet is basically a person and one of your best friends.

A beautiful thunderstorm across the mountain.

Storm Misconceptions

Some misconceptions exist about storm-related terms and events, even in Kansas, even among people who should probably learn more about them to avoid taking an EF4 to the face.