Seth has produced a full-length electro-orchestral album as well as recorded and toured with the band Shine Like Stars as the lead electric guitarist. He continually releases music through his own name or through the pseudonym Robot Fairytale.


Captured Life [2019]
Minni (Robot Fairytale) [2016]
Rockets [2016]
Supernova (Shine Like Stars) [2014]
Beauty In The Storm
(Shine Like Stars) [2012]
Happy Christmas (Shine Like Stars) [2011]
Robot Fairytale [2010]
Antipattern (Robot Fairytale) [2010]
Repeat, Rewind, Redux (Shine Like Stars) [2010]
There Is More – [2005]
Twilight – [2002]
Times Have Changed – [2001]
DJ Phex – [2001]


Saint (Robot Fairytale)
Roots (Robot Fairytale)


Abandon Kansas – Like It Or Not (Seth Duncan Remix)


Before The Sun Goes Down (IMDB / YouTube)
What’s Done In The Dark (IMDB)