A midwest musician with a love for electronic/synth music.

An accomplished producer, guitarist, and DJ, Seth’s music history goes back decades. He’s been on multiple tours across the US, released several full-length albums in several genres, written and contributed to the scores for several independent films, and studied music theory and composition at Friends University.


It started with drums. Then a drum machine (Yamaha RX7). Then trumpet. Later, he picked up a guitar. Eventually he bought a copy of Fruityloops, Acid, Reason, then Ableton.

In the late 00’s he picked up some CDJs and started playing clubs around his hometown, eventually playing in most of the active clubs regularly.

Seth later joined the music program at Friends University where he picked up music theory, composition, guitar and choir lessons, going on to start writing more orchestral and piano pieces.

During this era, he also joined Shine Like Stars, a Christian rock/worship band, as the lead guitarist, where he toured multiple times and helped write three EPs and a full-length album that received national radio-play.

Today you can find him writing 80’s inspired synthwave, working towards live-performance again.

Seth is available for recording, remixing, and production.

Inquiries to info@sethduncan.com